The Church Giving Tree

Each year a tree is placed in a church with ornamental paper gift tags depicting a special gift need. At a pre-Christmas Service, a parishioner takes the paper cutout and agrees to fill the gift in need. The parishioner returns at a later date with the wrapped gift and gift tag, and the gift is placed under the tree. The gifts are distributed on Christmas day.


Middle School Students / Brooks School

Make special seasonal cards to be given to the veterans and serving Armed Forces members at Christmas. In the past, students have written personlized notes to 2000 Armed Forces members in collaboration with Lovepop card company and Good Morning America.


Personalized Gifts

We are fortunate to have Santa’s helpers who spend time over the year making afghans. These gifts have a special value to both the giver and the recipient—the warmth and generosity of time spent on a handmade item on Christmas day.


Business Helpers

We have several large companies that help each year by donating products. At Santa’s Magic Inc., we work to match the gift with a recipient based on need. We are also fortunate to have retail organizations that work hard to solicit gifts and contributions through their individual network of associates, friends, and family.


Individual Contributors

We have many generous individual contributors that donate time, gifts, or funds to help our mission. Some even want to contribute in the role of Santa! This provides a very special sense of satisfaction for the giver.