About Us

Elizabeth Ann Nentwig

On December 25, 1982, Elizabeth Nentwig was in her hospital bed at Boston’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital, wondering how she would be spending her last Christmas. Suddenly, Santa arrived for a visit with Elizabeth and her neighboring patients, bestowing well wishes and gifts in hopes of brightening their holiday. At that moment, Santa’s Magic Inc. was born. Every year since, Santa’s Magic Inc. has made similar visits to the patients at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Quigley Memorial Hospital, Chelsea Soldier’s Home, the Boston VA Hospitals, and to families of our Armed Forces who are not able to be home with their families.

Last year more than 1,500 patients received a visit from Santa, wishing them well and distributing gifts and flowers to help brighten their day. Eleven Santas with more than 100 volunteers have also helped patients at Chelsea Quigley Memorial Hospital, Roxbury VA, and Bedford VA Home by leaving toys and other gifts for the patient’s children and grandchildren who may be visiting later that day. This tradition, in Elizabeth’s memory, is rapidly growing, and we hope that we will continue to grow and expand in order to bring some joy to patients on this very special day.

Our Mission

The MISSION of Santa’s Magic is to brighten the lives of hospital patients and their loved ones, bring the joy of the holiday season to our hospitalized and aging veterans and give a moment of happiness to the families of our armed forces serving our nation overseas. As volunteers we strive to achieve these goals by paying personal visits on Christmas Day and on other special occasions, providing special gifts, fellowship and cheer. Further to reach out to the youth population, within our community, to involve them in support of our quest to achieve our mission.