Helping Brighten Lives,
on Christmas Day & Beyond

The Team

Santa’s Magic Inc. continues to be amazed at how giving people and businesses in our community are. We deeply appreciate all you do and look forward to continuing our relationships with you all.

Some folks need some special recognition; we call them Our Elves, and we couldn’t do it without them. They have donated considerable time, money, and efforts that make Santa’s Magic Inc. truly that—magical. Many thanks to you all.

Gifts for charityThank-you-to-our-afghan-makersVisiting 1,300 patients in the Boston area

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Knitting Groups

Busy Needles

The Knit Wits of Wahtera Road

Beverly COA Knitting & Crochet Group

And thanks to the many individuals and groups who quietly go about their work to support our efforts

Gala Sponsors

Union Oyster House

Great Brewers

Kappy’s Liquors

Limoncello Restaurant

Far Corner Golf

Windham Country Club

Giblees Men’s Wear

Brodie’s Pub

Sports World

Brand Company

Energi Insurance Services

Boston Private Bank