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The mission of Santa’s Magic is to brighten the lives of hospital patients and their loved ones, bring the joy of the holiday season to our aging veterans, and give a moment of happiness to the families of our armed forces serving our nation overseas. As volunteers, we strive to achieve these goals by paying personal visits on Christmas Day and providing special gifts, fellowship, and cheer at this very special time of year. Help support our cause by becoming a member of Santa’s Magic, donating to our organization, and/or sharing information about what it is we do to help brighten the lives of so many year after year.

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Help make this Christmas one to remember by contributing an amount of your choice that will go toward a gift for a hospital patient, veteran, or loved one of a member of our armed forces on Christmas Day.

Make A Donation

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In our many years of operation, we have had many local supporters, suppliers, sponsors, and friends to thank for spreading the word about Santa's Magic and helping our organization expand. You, too, can share our story!

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Pictured is a veteran who was just presented with a medical aid scooter from Santa's Magic, Inc. This new aid to his mobility will make his life easier and greatly assist his wife from the task of pushing him in a wheel chair.

The Santa's Magic team on Christmas morning at Brigham and Women's Hospital.
The volunteer team preparing for Christmas Day with handmade afghans made by Santa's helpers. The afghans have special value to both the giver and recipient.
Pictured are the volunteers that made a special social night for the veterans at the Chelsea Solder's Home. The 60 plus vets were so happy to have a night of Bingo, prizes, and good conversation followed by dinner. We made their night and their happiness made ours!

Santa's Magic, Inc is a registered 501c3 public charity , hence your contribution is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.