Pre-Valentine Party at New England Center for Homeless Veterans

As a pre-valentine party, Santa’s Magic, Inc. visited the New England Center for Homeless Veterans on February 13th, 2016. Our 20 volunteers made it a special night for more than 100 veterans. We purchased dinner and our volunteers served the feast. Stephanie McCarthy sang the National Anthem and the dinner was followed by a game of trivia with prizes. We all felt honored and exhilarated to spend a special night with our special veterans.


Hi all,

Oddly enough, when we pulled up and realized the power was out, I thought that it was the perfect timing for us to be there to put on some entertainment. I knew this group of amazing volunteers could put smiles on veterans’ faces despite a lack of electricity. I’m actually pretty sure the vets weren’t even bothered by it, especially with everything we put on. Everyone seemed thrilled and in such a great mood to be there and to see a strong group of volunteers doing something nice, just because.

A few things I wanted to make sure was known:

Steph, while you were singing, vets were pouring into the cafe and there was some commotion, but not long after you started, the room went silent in awe. You brought a sense of calm and joy that isn’t the easiest to bring under such circumstances.

The prayers before/after food: regardless of spiritualism/faith, this group of vets show their appreciation through these prayers. They are ever appreciative and humbled by any forms of generosity and compassion. Every single vet was involved and earnest. From a non-religious perspective, this was heart-warming.

The trivia and food were so well received by all the vets. They were so grateful for everything we had to offer. They got into the games, they raved about the food, and they were all laughing and making friends with those around them. Some shared their stories with us and were able to vent or share their positive outlook on life. They shared that anything we offered was sufficient and appreciated.

Thank you all for letting me be a part of this amazing group and for being so genuine and compassionate to those around you.

Warm regards (emphasis on the warm),