2016 Elf of the Year

This year Santa’s Magic would like to congratulate James McKinnon as the Elf of the Year. James assisted in making Santa’s Magic efforts at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital move smoothly. Below are some of James contributions in 2016.
Santa's Magic 2016 Elf of the Year

  • Eliminated the need to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve
  • Identified and made available secure space for gift storage
  • Recruited helpers to unload delivered gifts and transport to the storage area
  • Secured packaging for gifts
  • Secured vendor to purchase Christmas gifts at most favorable price
  • Participated on a Santa Team on Christmas morning
  • Identified a volunteer to make afghans and caps

Picture from Left to Right:Jim Nentwig (Founder/Chairman Santa’s Magic, Inc.), Betsy Nabel, MD (President Brigham and Women’s Hospital), James McKinnon